Perth is Fantastic. Time away proves this

October 18th, 2015

Approx 7 weeks ago i returned from a 7 week trip over America and Canada. It was fantastic and I had a magically time (especially at the festival... could have been the drugs, but who knows)

Anyway, there was lots that I saw and did whilst away and it was really, really amazing. My first thoughts of coming home made me sad. I couldnt be bothered having to face Perth again after seeing so much wonder in the world. However my thoughts were quicky cut out when I returned to see the bautiful beaches, city scape, Australian bush and much more.

Do I want to leave Perth? Maybe, but it is a fantastic home base that I am stoked to call home. THere are many places in the world less fortunate than Perth, both in resources and spectacularness (that is now a word)

I cant wait to explore mre of the world again, and it is and always will be comforting knowing where I am returning to is a gret place to call home. Perth is a beauty alright.

Ah its beautiful

May 25th, 2015

Perth is just fantastic and I love living here!

Exploring Perth

April 24th, 2015

For some time now, I have been really keen and excited on the idea of travel.

To go explore and see places, things and people. Wherever in the world it may be, it is where I want to be and what i am working towards achieving.

What I have discovered recently however is my love for Perth and how awesome of a place it truly is. I have started to see that so much more is going on, there are so many more places to see and things to do.

I have begun to enjoy the adventure of travel within my home town. Exploring, capturing and creating beauty everywhere new and old I go. Meeting new people, trying different things and just enjoying everything in front of me that I am grateful for.

Perth truly is a beauty. A hidden treasure in the Southern Hemisphere. A beautiful spot that many should in their lives see and experience for themselves. The west, do indeed do it best.

Beautiful Beach of Sand and Salt

February 14th, 2015

Ther is such beautiful weather in Perth at the moment with today being 30 degrees and perfect for the beach. The sun is out shining; there is a nice breeze blowing, and it is a perfect day to be outside.

For those who live on the coast or nearby to the sea, let me just say that I envy them, especially at this time of the year. When you are only a 2-minute walk from the beach.

Perth is renowned for its lovely white sandy beaches and beautiful ocean water. With the lovely beach scene pumping mid-morning, and lunchtime before the Fremantle doctor, also known as the sea breeze comes through and cools the place down.

On the flipside, living so close to the beach and the salt water means that there is much salt within their and much salt that can enter into your home and onto your houses facade and windows. In which case you would require some occasional window cleaning or pressure washing.

This is certainly a low trade off for the luxury you have of living in such a prime location, and to those who are living there. They clearly have enough money to pay somebody to do it for them.

Stretching from Mandurah all the way to Yanchep, the beach is flowing, flowing with people, fun, laughter and sunshine, houses on the beach, people surfing, tanning and communicating.

It is a blessed spot to live in Perth; we do have so much to offer all the way from the North to the South and everything that is in between. 

Even for myself where I have in the past complained about taking 20 minutes to get to the beach. Some people drive hours, and some people have never been in their lifetimes. Come visit Perth and get yourself salty wet and covered in sand.

Fire Update

January 29th, 2015

Just a quick update on the fires of Perth.

It turns out one of them as caused by an abandoned car fire caused by an arsonist or someone who decided to flea the vehicle and set it a light. Fortunately the fire did not spread any further than jus the surrounding proximity and services were able to attend to it quick enough before it caused any real issues. 

The vehicle was put out by the local fire department and once the area was cleared was towed away by a Perth Towing Service to remove the vehicle from the scene.

No images were taken of the vehicle yet that they have released however if can imagine it looks similar to the image if have attached on here which happened in Australia in the past.

Fingers crossed no more fires arise, and that some people decide to stop doing the wrong thing.

Fire Fighting

January 29th, 2015

Not the greatest of news for the beautiful place of Perth. Many fires have unfortunately been sweeping through the north regions of Perth burning down a stack of land and a couple of people’s houses.

The fires were lit by arsonists who decided they would be immature enough to create such a mass destructive event.

From the outer edged of Wanneroo, up to Yanchep and areas of Narrogin and Gin Gin and everything else in between were all affected. Raging for a couple of days fire fighters struggles to put it out, however now they have managed to do so and the damage is not as bad as first expected.


A combination of the hot weather and the poor choices of some can ruin it for everyone else. Do not be put off from Perth, the whole place is neither on fire nor an arson city just something to be aware of.

Sets on the Beach

January 18th, 2015

Today Perth is holding a festival known as 'Sets on the Beach' well you guessed it. Down on the beach.

The set on the beach is a great day for music people party drinks sn fun sand surf and smiles. There are many great dj acts that are playing from full-time professionals to amateurs who are new to the scene, but still killing it. You are guaranteed to hear some kick ass music when you are down there. Good vibe beach music that is perfect for a sunny summers day out down to the beach with some lovely people, food, and drink.

I am friends with one of the DJ's, and he if stoked to be playing such a great day event and will surely kill it on the decks.

In addition to this, they have an excellent range of food and drink stalls available for people to make purchases on the day to ensure they are not parched or starving. All, you need to do, is continue on enjoying the day without the added effort of seeking beer and burgers, yum beer and burgers.

Sets hosts well over a thousand people in it small area from its beginning in the day until late into the night due to its popularity and people's joy to continue all day and night.

If you want to find out more, simply Google sets on the beach and there, it will have all the information you require to get down there. Tickets were required to b bought however so if you at looking to go right now then your chances ar pretty unlucky. One to put on the calendar for next year.

I know I sure will be for it is a  great filled day of pleasure and some little pain but mostly good times on the beach, good weather, good life living. 

A Jolly Perth New Year

January 8th, 2015

A New year it is indeed, and from what I can tell many of the residenst of Perth got up to a lot of exciting action and thoroughly embraced the New Year in its full light and flight.

Ranging from events in the park, events in the bush, events on the coast, events to the north, to the south and beyond. 

Many of the wonderful highlights would have been caught on camera of some sort whether it be from your smart phone or from a professional, say you got married a wedding photographer perhaps. People enjoy their new year days and night so they want to capture and share the moments.

It is time to take on this new year with both hands and make it rain. Provide yourself with your best year yet, explore all of what Perth has to offer this year and enjoy.


Perth Christmas

December 26th, 2014

A hot one here in Perth at the moment for the Christmas season. Reaching high 30-degree temperatures.

It certainly isn't stopping anyone with celebrations however, and why should it. It is simply just adding to the day. Although travelling throughout the city I have noticed a lot more people staying in this years as opposed to visiting the beach or going out for lunches and drinks and it is probably very directly related to the heat. People indoors can stay inside and enjoy within each others and the air conditioners company and remain comfortable.

In East Perth, i was fortunate to be a part of/witness Christmas in the Park which provides a place of celebration, get together and holiday cheer for many of those who don't have the same opportunities or family support or money that most have at this time of Christmas.

A truly beautiful organisation of volunteering people helping to make a difference and make Christmas oh so merry for everyone.

There is true kindness everywhere in the world including Perth and the more that can be shared the better.

For now a merry Christmas to all in Perth and the world.

Perth WA.

December 10th, 2014

Perth Western Australia is a fantastic place. Full of all sorts of wonderful attractions, things to do, places to see, people to meet. From the hub of the CBD there are many shops and events always taking place, with a number of streets boasting different things on offer.

To the north regions are the newer of the suburbs that begin to stretch further north with more developments and larger expansion for soon to be a new hub. A good stretch of coastline up to Lancelin and beyond there is much to see and do.

Heading south is one of the more popular areas not only for tourists but the locals. Down Fremantle way there is a whole vast range of shops ad restaurants, gigs, things to do and see, and is certainly well worth the drive being well established. Beyond the south is a more green and peaceful southwest serenity. Down towards market river for some surfing or a different feel o living there are lots of beautiful places on offer.

We cannot forget the hills. Towards the east there are the hills, that provide a good country feel to living. Certainly a place where you can be on your own and not have to put up with your neighbours. Lots of free, open space and stretches of road to be free and enjoy. Obviously not near the coastline but a beautiful place none the less.

It all comes down to preference, and what you are interested in overall. There is lots to see and lots to do in all places. If you are new to developing and prefer a quieter but still community life than north is a good spot for you, as soon it will become a highly developed and extremely abundant place.

If your more into your city life, getting out and doing things than the south region is more for you. It may be busier, but there is a lot on offer and always something happening with everything just around the corner.

Or perhaps you prefer the country life. In which case you would be best of going inland. No, there is no beach but if you like your bikes or your horses, for example, then the beach will be of no worry to you. You get your land freedom away from the rest of society.

In turn, additional factors should be considered when making your Guru decision on your place of living. For example transport, and how you will go about reaching other places and other people. Perhaps you're into your fitness and like to ride, or you want public transport such as your buses and trains. Maybe you like to drive but hate traffic? Or perhaps you don’t mind it (maybe your rich and get around with chauffeur hire or something).

You need to consider the type of environment whether you be a family or single. What shops and attractions are around that you will require.

Any services you may need or wish to have close by, perhaps a mechanic or a supermarket or a chemist, maybe you need to be close to the ocean to have your morning swims.

None the less Perth has a lot to offer and can accommodate to everyone needs regardless of what they may be. There is something here for everyone, with again beautiful places, people and things to do.

Do your research and become a guru yourself and the regions of the North, South and beyond. Again consider all your factors and what will best suit and meet your needs. None the less stay tuned, and I will be providing more information that may help you to make your decision of WA’s capital.

Guru NSB - What its all about

December 10th, 2014

Welcome to guru nsb. Guru nsb (North South Beyond) relates to all things Perth Western Australia Related north south and beyond. With things to do, things to see, places to go and much more. All from one of Perth's residents myself.